Welcome to the United Technologies Corporation Future Buildings and Cities Challenge!

Starting on October 19, students from around the world will work together in virtual teams to design innovative solutions in the area of green buildings and sustainable cities through the United Technologies Corporation Future Buildings and Cities Challenge.

Qualified mentors and expert advisors are:

  • Graduate students, postdocs, or professionals working in a STEM-related field with expertise in green buildings and sustainability or a related topic area
  • Able to access at least one communication device with internet capabilities
  • Passionate about engaging and inspiring the next generation of STEM innovators
  • Able to communicate clearly in spoken and written English
  • Experienced in conducting original scientific research (preferred but not required)

These roles are very self-driven. The most successful mentors and experts are proactive, inquisitive, and stick with a weekly engagement schedule. Mentors and experts will be matched with 3-5 teams, but will not be expected to provide the one-on-one guidance you might expect from a traditional mentoring experience. Mentors and Experts will be asked to spend between 2-3 hours a week with participants.

This program is run in collaboration with United Technologies Corporation.


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